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The Sajni Center

The Sajni Center: A space of hope and healing for children with cancer or life-threatening illness and their families

To view a list of events at The Sajni Center, open to children with cancer or life-threatening illnesses and their immediate families, please click here.

As Lucy's Love Bus has expanded, we noticed a great need for a healing PLACE for our families and our community to gather and grow together. We are so pleased to introduce The Sajni Center, our brand new healing space in Amesbury, Massachusetts! We will be filling this glorious space with love and light, guided by Lucy and Sajni, in providing innovative workshops and programs for those who need them. 

Programs are open to children with cancer or life-threatening illnesses and their immediate family (siblings and parents/caregivers). Programs will note if they are intended for children or adults, and any age minimums. All kid programs are open to siblings as well as the child with cancer or life-threatening illness.

To view a list of events at The Sajni Center, open to children with cancer or life-threatening illnesses and their immediate families, please click here.

This was all inspired by our dear Sajni Chakrabarti, who left us far too soon on July 1st, 2017, at eight years old. She was a lover of elephants, a rider of horses, the best big sister to her little sister Anandi, beloved daughter of Vanessa & Prabal, and a smiling friend to all who knew her. We are honored to dedicate our new home of healing to her.

[ syll. saj-ni, sa-jni ] The girl name Sajni is pronounced as SAEJHNiy †. The name's meaning is one Who is dearly loved, beloved.

Sajni was 8 years old when Lucy's Love Bus connected with her family in fall 2016. She had been diagnosed with DIPG (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma), a brain tumor, 10 months prior. Sajni loved animals, and was so excited about starting therapeutic horseback riding. Her speech had begun to slow, and her body wasn't moving in a way she was used to; she was eager for a chance to be in control and on horseback. 

Sajni started horseback riding, and fell in love. She continued to go to the farm as long as she could. Even a few weeks before her death, when she could no longer ride horses, she went just to play and interact with them.

"She smiled often. She went to different classes to tell students not to patronize those who were different, but treat them the same as everyone else. She continued to roll her eyes at my jokes and make her own. Always maintaining her independent spirit and spunk, I remember her telling me, as I forced another bad tasting medicine on her – “[Give it] Now or never.” We read her the Phantom Tollbooth and Little Women. We bought a bunny to perch and nuzzle contentedly on her lap. At the end, she did not suffer. We released 36 butterflies, one for each season of her life at her funeral. I hear her and see her – a flutter in my ears, a flitting about my eyes. She remains forever the ambassador of curiosity, of courage, and of joy."    -Prabal, Sajni and Anandi's father

Sajni passed away in July 2017. She is survived by her younger sister Anandi, mother Vanessa, father Prabal, and many loved ones. Knowing the profound effect therapeutic horseback riding had on Sajni, her family asked for contributions to Lucy's Love Bus in lieu of sending flowers. Thanks to Sajni's friends and family, Lucy's Love Bus is not only able to open the new healing space in Amesbury named after Sajni, but also has a select amount of funding available for siblings of Lucy's Love Bus kids to also participate in integrative therapies. For Sajni, integrative therapies such as horseback riding, animal therapy, massage, and acupuncture were always the good moments when she could forget about the illness, the disabilities, and the difficult treatments. Her family is so glad that other children, including siblings, can benefit from these therapies thanks to Lucy Love Bus.

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