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Lucy's Emergency Fund

Lucy's Emergency Fund

The anxiety and isolation we are all feeling right now is the everyday reality for our Love Bus families; and now more than ever, they need your help! Children with cancer are at high risk for infection but still have to go to the hospital for treatment. Even a seasonal flu or the common cold can be deadly to a child with a compromised immune system, so you can imagine the fear and anxiety that our families are facing right now. 

In a survey we sent out in mid March, over 90% of our families responded that they are facing financial hardship, and expect to struggle paying for basic necessities such as housing, groceries, gas, and co-pays for medicine. 

During this global crisis, we have shifted our mission to address these most urgent needs. Together we can ease the financial stress of Love Bus parents so that they can focus all of their energy on caring for their children. 

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