Leap for Love™

Our most fearless Lucy's Love Bus supporters join forces each year to raise money for the world's bravest kids, and then leap 10,000 feet from a plane! 2017 was a huge success, with 34 skydivers raising $53,000... Our goal for 2018 is to recruit 60 skydivers to help raise $90,000!!! Each jumper chooses their own jump center and jump date, and pledges to raise $1500 through their personal page on Crowdrise. Once the $1500 fundraising goal is met, Love Bus will pay $200 toward the cost of your jump. It's time to cross this one off your bucket list, baby... what are you waiting for??? Scroll down to fill out the registration form, and make your personal fundraising page on CrowdRise here


Check out more of last year's awesomeness here! 

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You must be 18 or over on the day of the jump to participate, and weigh less than 240lbs. By checking below, you acknowledge these 2 factors.

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