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Sajni Center Code Request

Request for Code to Register for Sajni Center Programs

Programs and workshops at The Sajni Center for Lucy's Love Bus are open to children with cancer, life-threatening illnesses, or chronic medical conditions not developmental in nature and their immediate family members (siblings and parents/caregivers). We request that the community respect that these families only should attend events at The Sajni Center, unless events are specified as open to other types of communities. 

Programs at The Sajni Center are open to families, regardless of income, who have children from birth to age 21 who have a life-threatening illness or chronic physical health condition not developmental in nature that affects a child's daily life or requires more frequent and intensive medical care than is typically required. Bereaved families who lost a child/sibling to life-threatening illness are also invited to all programs, and bereavement-focused programs are offered as well. Some of these diagnoses include: cancer, cystic fibrosis, sickle cell, epilepsy, diabetes, asthma, spina bifida, heart conditions, and severe depression.

Siblings and parents/legal guardians are welcome to join programs with or without the child who has experienced illness in attendace, and activities will be available on-site if needed during parent-oriented programs. (Please note that if your child will require more supervision and/or support than participating in group craft or game-type activities with an adult staff member or volunteer, we ask that you bring an additional adult to support them or seek other childcare alternatives.)

If you are a parent/caregiver of a child with a life-threatening illness/chronic medical condition or are the patient, please complete the following form to receive the code to view and register for events at The Sajni Center. This code is the same for all events; you can view upcoming events on our Event Calendar-- click here!

If you would like to refer a family for programs but are not the parent/caregiver, please click here.

Code Request Form
Name of child with cancer or chronic medical condition
Child's DOB
Child's preferred pronouns
City and State of Residence
Child's diagnosis
Date of diagnosis
Main hospital of treatment
Oncologist/primary doctor's name and email/phone number
Social worker name and email/phone number
Your name
First Name
Last Name
Your cell phone number
Would you like to join our text group to receive notice of upcoming Sajni Center events?
Names and ages of other children
How did you hear about Lucy's Love Bus/The Sajni Center?
What programs are you interested in attending?
What other types of programs would you/your children be interested in attending?
Each program is $5/person. We have scholarships available for those who may need them; would you like to be considered for a scholarship to waive the fee for some/all programs?
By submitting this form, I agree that all the above information is true. The code sent to me will only be used by the family of a child with cancer, life-threatening illness, or chronic medical condition to register for The Sajni Center programs/workshops.
By submitting this form and attending a program held by Lucy's Love Bus, I release Lucy's Love Bus and associated practitioners from all liability, costs, and damages, which could arise from participation in the above an event or activity.

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