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Lucy's LoveSquad™

Invite Lucy’s Love Bus to come to your child's school!

Lucy’s LoveSquad™ is our free, school-based leadership program that gives young people a real-world opportunity to become activists and philanthropists. Each LoveSquad™ group brainstorms together to come up with a fundraising campaign (if decided) in support of a Love Bus child who is coping with cancer, aka their "Butterfly Buddy" specifically paired with their group!

Students grow their compassion and empathy by writing letters of love and encouragement to their Butterfly Buddy, and join our letter writing campaign to government leaders to express their views on the disparity of funding for childhood cancer cures. This engaging experience empowers young people to make a difference and see themselves as change makers.  

Please contact us at for more information!

Lucy’s LoveSquad™ partners have the opportunity to:

1. Practice empathy as they engage in direct service to support a child who is coping with cancer by sending letters of encouragement throughout the school year.
2. Design and execute a campaign to raise funds for free integrative therapies for children with cancer. (This is a student-led project that includes reflection and celebration.)
3. Advocate for increased funding for pediatric cancer research through a persuasive letter-writing campaign to government officials. (Childhood cancer only receives 3.8% of the funds spent annually on cancer research in the US.)

Caring for others and giving back makes us happier… and it feels great to be a helper! Please contact us at to learn more!

Make sure to check out KidsCanGiveToo for more information on ways to get your child in the philanthropic spirit today!


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