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The Healing Room

The Healing Room™

The Healing Room™ is our group inpatient integrative therapy program currently running in 3 New England hospitals.

  • Music therapy and massage at Tufts Medical Center's Floating Hospital for Children in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Music therapy and yoga/massage at UVMMC Children's Hospital in Burlington, Vermont
  • Music therapy and yoga at Barbara Bush Children's Hospital in Portland, Maine

The ability to bring relief to children while they are in the hospital has proven invaluable since the pilot program of music therapy began at BBCH in 2014. Thanks to the Ludcke Foundation for continuing funding in Maine and Vermont; to Parker Foundation for initial funding for the program at Floating, and to the Steven M. Perez Foundation for continuing the Floating program in 2016! Special thanks to Boston Solar for adopting the massage therapy program at Floating Hospital for many years to come!