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Upcoming volunteer opportunities

We are always in need of some awesome volunteers to help our events run smoothly! Tasks vary by event but may include: set up/breakdown, registration, merchandise or raffle ticket sales. 

Here are some upcoming events for which we'll need some volunteers!

  • Devri's Annual Irish Music Cruise, Saturday July 28th in Boston
  • Yankee Homecoming, July 28th - August 5th in Newburyport
  • Siemens Golf Tournament, August 6th in Lakeville

If you're interested in helping at any of these events, please scroll down and submit the form at the bottom of this page, and we'll be in touch!


Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

Here are some examples of year-round volunteer opportunities!

Join our PR committee. Work your public relations experience to get the word out about the wonderful work we (including you!) are doing.

Are you multilingual? We're always in need of translation services to help us stay connected to our families that aren't native English speakers. We're always looking for those with Spanish language skills, as well as Chinese, Cambodian, Thai, etc. Let us know what you can offer!

Host a cocktail party in your home for 12+ friends to introduce more people to the work we do at Lucy's Love Bus. Lucy's mom and our Director, Beecher Grogan, will attend to help inspire your friends and loved ones to get involved!

Get your child(ren) involved. Get your children involved through our awesome partners at KidsCanGiveToo. Click here to learn more!

You may also like to organize and head your own local fundraising event. We're thrilled to hear your ideas, share our insights about what works best, and offer support where we can!

Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a volunteer for Lucy's Love Bus. Please contact Beecher at or (857) 277-1984 with any questions or suggestions. Lucy's love and light shine on through YOU when you take action for the children of Lucy's Love Bus!

We are delighted that you have offered to share your time, talents, and energy with Lucy's Love Bus! Whether you are a new or seasoned supporter of the bravest children on earth, this year you can make a huge impact when you volunteer.

We know our supporters are a talented bunch with skills across the board-- tell us, what are YOU best at doing? Are you a whiz at sales and marketing? Do you have a penchant for data entry? Love to volunteer at events? Whatever it is, we'll take note and reach out when we see a perfect fit for your expertise-- we will definitely need you!

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