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Sajni's Siblings

Sajni's Siblings - Support for siblings of children with cancer

Our Sajni’s Siblings program embraces the siblings of children with cancer through opportunities to create happy memories during a very lonely and difficult time. This program augments our Lucy’s Children program so that the sick child and their sibling(s) can participate in integrative therapies and activities together to facilitate bonding time outside of the hospital or home, or provides the sibling(s) with a chance to engage in a solo activity focused on their own needs and fulfillment. This program also supports bereaved siblings, allowing them a chance to participate in an activity to support them in the grieving process. 

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Lucy’s Love Bus has long been aware of the unique challenges that the siblings of pediatric cancer patients face, and has worked to include them in our programming whenever possible. One study of siblings of children with cancer reported that 81% of those surveyed experienced levels of post-traumatic stress, and over half surveyed found the cancer experience scary and difficult (source). It has been shown that during a patient's treatment for cancer, some siblings report feeling lonely and report decreased attention (source), and are often saddled with the identity of “the sibling of the child with cancer.”

We are excited to now have a program dedicated to supporting siblings: the Sajni’s Siblings program! This program is committed to supporting siblings through activities to build their confidence, create memories outside of the realm of cancer, and validate their own unique struggles through this  journey.

The Sajni Siblings program brings uplifting and empowering experiences to siblings of children with cancer, and empowers them to decide how they would like to participate in the program. Offering the siblings the option of an activity independent of their sick sibling or with their sibling allows them the opportunity to decide what will provide validation and fulfillment.

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[ syll. saj-ni, sa-jni ] The girl name Sajni is pronounced as SAEJHNiy †. 
The name's meaning is one Who is dearly loved, beloved.

This was all inspired by our dear Sajni Chakrabarti, who left us far too soon on July 1st, 2017, at eight years old. She was a lover of animals, a rider of horses, the best big sister to her little sister Anandi and future brother Remi, beloved daughter of Vanessa & Prabal, and a smiling friend to all who knew her. 



Who is eligible for the Sajni’s Siblings program?

At this time, siblings of children or young adults who participated in another Lucy’s Love Bus program (Lucy’s Children, The Healing Room, or any group programs) are eligible. Even if it’s been a while since the child who has or had cancer participated in something with Lucy’s Love Bus, their sibling(s) can still join the Sajni’s Siblings program! This program is also open to bereaved siblings of the Lucy’s Love Bus family.

What does this program cover?

We are able to pay for siblings to participate: at the same location as their sibling (but can be a different time/session/class), with one of our existing partners, or somewhere that will accept payment by American Express online or over the phone.

How much money is offered?

A sibling of a Lucy’s Love Bus child will be awarded $500 in funding for their chosen integrative therapy, with another $250 available per additional sibling - but the total amount can be split between payment for siblings however wanted. We keep track of the money and pay providers directly for their services. 

Can I reapply for my child(ren)?

This is a brand new program; at this time these are one-time grants that must be used within the calendar year. We’ll reach out and update this site if we can extend that funding!


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