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Community Events

Tong Ren and Guided Meditation with Molly Lawney

Wednesday, June 12, 2024
8:00 pm9:00 pm

Tong Ren is a distance energy therapy that was developed by Tom Tam in Massachusetts. Using a small, silicon doll as a conduit for the patient’s body, the practitioner taps on energy points with a magnetic hammer, to attract healing energy to the area and remove stubborn energy blockages. The tapping points include locations along the spinal column that relate to the central nervous system, similarly to chiropractic, as well as points along the acupuncture meridians. Tong Ren is based on the idea that illness and specific symptoms relate directly to blockages in the body’s flow of bioelectricity, blood, hormones, and life force energy (Chi/Reiki). Registration is not required. Please email Colleen at to receive the program dates, email reminders, and the Zoom link for this program.

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