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Leap for Love 2022

Sendy: /ˈsendē/ (adjective): a hankering to get out and have an all-out blast on a skydive
Feeling sendy?! You’re in luck! Our 6th annual - and FINAL - Leap for Love fundraising event is scheduled for Saturday, September 10th
This epic tandem skydiving event will only happen one more time, so it’s your last chance to take the plunge with Lucy’s Love Bus! 

Are you ready to take the Leap?! Fill out the Registration Form to get started! 

Interested, but would like to learn more? Read on for more information on how the event works, what’s new in 2022, FAQs, and for fundraising inspiration!

How the Leap for Love fundraising event works…

To join us at the Leap for Love event you will take the following steps:

  1. Fill out & submit the Registration Form HERE.
  2. Wait for our call. We will call you in within the next few business days to get your credit card information by phone. 
  3. Pay for your jump. Skydive New England will charge your card $215 for your tandem jumping fee.
  4. Look for our welcome email. You will receive a welcome email from Kerry with simple instructions to easily set up your fundraising page to get started! 
  5. Start fundraising! Once you meet your fundraising goal of $3,000, we will promptly refund your $215 registration fee so that your Leap is free for you, our Hero! 
  6. Take the Leap for Love on September 10, 2022 at Skydive New England in Lebanon, Maine. You'll be joining the Lucy's Love Bus staff, and other brave jumpers for an epic day of tandem skydiving and celebrating!

Benefits for Leapers:

  • Tandem skydive ($255 value)
  • Pro Media Package: digitally uploaded video & photos- we hire a professional video flyer to join you in the sky! ($135 value)
  • Leap 2022 T-Shirt
  • Tickets to an Epic After-Party: we'll include 1 beer ticket + 2 guest passes for the post-Leap celebration! Note: Unlimited number of guests can come to the dropzone to cheer you on!

What’s New in 2022… Make it a Team Effort!
This year, we invite you to take the Leap for Love by yourself or as a team! Grab some friends, colleagues, or family members who can help you meet the fundraising goal! This is a corporate team building favorite! Work together to raise $3,000+ in whatever creative ways you can think of (read below for some inspiration). Here's how it works:

$3,000 Fundraised = One (1) Leaper
$4,000 Fundraised = up to Two (2) Leapers*
$5,000 Fundraised = up to Three (3) Leapers**

*You don’t have to have a second leaper if you don’t want to share the glory, or if you can’t convince someone to join with you! 
** Due to time and space constraints, the max is 3 leapers from one fundraising team/effort.



Q. What time is the event? 
The event starts at 12PM and ends at approximately 6PM, depending on Leapers and weather. Each Leaper will get their specific schedule within a week of registering. 
Q. Where and when is the post-Leap celebration? 
TBD! But Love Bus staff is cooking up something fun! 
Q. What if I can’t make it to Skydive New England. Can I jump from another location or at another time? 
Not jumping at SNE on September 10th? If you meet the $3,000 fundraising minimum by our event date, we can offer up to $300 to refund your jump cost and media package at your chosen dropzone and/or date/time. 
Q. Can I bring friends/family to watch me Leap? 
Heck yes! An unlimited number of guests can come to the dropzone to cheer you on! We do ask that you limit your guest list for the after-party to two (2) guests due to capacity limitations. 
Q. Are there any limitations or restrictions at Skydive New England that I should be aware of?
Yes, thanks for asking! Here are the big ones to know: 

  • Alcohol and skydiving do not mix. If we have reason to believe you are hungover or inebriated, you will be denied the right to skydive and will not receive a refund. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at any location on the drop zone by anyone while skydiving is taking place – even if you are not jumping. Violating this rule may result in you being asked to leave the property.
  • The tandem skydiving weight limit is 240lbs
  • You must be at least 18 years old to go skydiving. 
  • Read more here: SNE FAQ's

Q. When must fundraising goals be met?
The fundraising goal for one Leaper ($3,000) must be met by the time of our jump! The fundraising goals for each additional Leaper ($4,000-$5,000) must be met ONE WEEK before the jump, as we need to register and schedule their jump times! 
Q. How many Leapers can be on my fundraising team? 
You can enlist as many people as you want to be on your fundraising team, but due to time and space constraints, the maximum number of Leapers from one fundraising team/effort is three (3) Leapers.
Q. If I raise $4,000 or more do I have to have another Leaper join my team? 
Absolutely not! But as a super rockstar Leaper/Fundraiser, you may get an extra beer ticket (or two) from our team!
Q. How can I meet my fundraising goal?
We’re so glad you asked! Read on for creative ways to fundraise on behalf of Lucy’s Love Bus! 

Fundraising Inspiration…

  • A Cornhole Tournament Fundraiser
  • Football Squares
  • Lottery Buy-Ins to be a Leaper
  • 50/50 Raffles 
  • Casual for a Cause: Pay up to dress down!
  • Birthday/Anniversary Fundraisers
  • Cutest Pet Contest: Show off your pet for an entry fee!
  • Facebook / Classy online fundraisers

Once you register, Kerry with simple instructions to easily set up your fundraising page to get started! Feel free to email us anytime if you’re looking for more fundraising inspiration, ideas, or how-tos!

Get Started: Register Today!

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