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Introducing Sajni's Siblings: Critical Support for the Siblings of Children with Cancer

We are so thrilled to announce that, as of 2022, we will be filling an unmet need in the childhood cancer community: support for the siblings of children with cancer. Our new Sajni’s Siblings program is named in honor of our young friend Sajni, who died of a rare brain tumor called DIPG in 2017. The name Sajni means “one who is dearly beloved,” and it felt like the perfect name for a program that will support the siblings- who so often report feeling lonely, left behind, and forgotten. Sajni’s Siblings provides siblings of children with cancer with opportunities to create happy memories during a very frightening time by connecting them with integrative therapies and activities. This program ensures that the sick child and their sibling(s) can participate in experiences together to facilitate bonding time outside of the hospital or home, or provides the sibling(s) with a chance to engage in a solo activity focused on their own needs and fulfillment. This program will also provide bereaved siblings with an outlet to aid in the grief process. Thanks to our loyal donors and funders, we are now able to offer this critical support. We are so grateful to be able to expand our programming to ensure we are providing needed services for the whole family!

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