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Ilene's Caregivers Application

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Ilene’s Caregivers was launched in 2022 to complete the circle of caring at Lucy’s Love Bus by providing essential support services for our Love Bus children’s parents, guardians, or caregivers. Ilene’s Caregivers offers a menu of self-care and respite options to support parents and caregivers through the long journey of caring for a very sick child and their sibling/s. This program is generously funded by The Ilene Beal Foundation and Parmenter Foundation.

Current eligibility guidelines:

1. You have a child that was diagnosed with cancer before the age of 21
2. You live in New England
3. You are a single parent OR your child is at end of life or has a life-limiting prognosis OR your child has long-term late effects from cancer treatment
Bereaved childhood cancer parents in MetroWest are also eligible for support, thanks to the Parmenter Foundation. 

ALL New England-based childhood cancer parents are invited to join one of our free group programs: 

  • Weekly online support group for parents and caregivers (Thursday evenings, 8 to 9PM)
  • Monthly online support group for bereaved parents and caregivers (Tuesday, 8 to 9PM)
  • 1:1 support phone calls with program manager, Beecher Grogan, former cancer parent
  • Online yoga membership with Sarah Oleson Yoga
  • Monthly online Tong Ren sessions with Open Channels Energy- Wednesday evening, 8 to 9PM

Email for more information. 

For those that may not qualify, please visit our Resources page for organizations that may be able to help in your area.

Ilene's Caregivers Application for Funding

Below you will find the online version of our application. All information is encrypted, private, and secure. 

Your name
Your pronouns
Relationship to child with cancer
Which of the following apply?
Se habla español.
Text o email está preferido para comunicación en español.
If the parent/guardian does not speak English and we should use another person as the primary contact, please provide their information below:
Please check all options that you are interested in at this time:
Age, diagnosis, complications, etc

Demographic information

This optional information is collected to measure our impact to report on grants and with funders to ensure that we can continue to receive funding for this program. All information is confidential.

Your ethnicity
Or your information if you are over 18 applying for yourself.
Please check the corresponding box(es) below if you (the parent/guardian) identify as/with:
Please check the corresponding box(es) below if you (the parent/guardian) identify as/with:

Once we receive your completed application, we will reach out to connect. Please allow up to one week for initial contact after you submit your application.

By accepting funding from Lucy’s Love Bus, you agree to participate in one brief annual survey so that we measure impact and improve our programs. This survey is conducted by email or phone, consists of 5-10 questions, and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. We appreciate your support in capturing the benefits of our work together. Thank you!

Electronic signature
By checking this box and signing my name below, I am electronically signing this agreement.
Electronic signature


Through our Lucy's Children program, we pay for integrative therapies for children with cancer:
Through our Sajni’s Siblings program, we pay for siblings to participate in integrative therapies together, or pay for them to have a separate integrative therapies (restrictions apply).

Thank you for completing the intake portion of the application! Please review and sign our Release and Agreement below in order to complete the application in full.


Release and Agreement

Parent(s) acknowledge reading, understanding, and agreeing to the above Paragraphs including, but not limited to, those numbered one through five (1 – 5) and sign below to bind themselves, their minor children, their (and their children’s) heirs, successors, assigns and estates to the conditions described therein. Parent(s) agree that this document is an accurate understanding and has not been modified orally. 

Electronic signature
By checking this box and signing my name below, I am electronically signing this agreement (Lucy's Love Bus Release and Agreement).
Electronic signature

If you're ready, click "Submit Now" and your application will be sent to Jackie, Director of Programs! If your application is submitted successfully, you will be redirected to a confirmation page and sent a confirmation email to the email address you listed above. 

If you do not see a confirmation page and receive a confirmation email, your form was not submitted successfully; please refresh, or complete a downloadable application below and submit to

Please allow 1 week for a response by your preferred method of communication after you click "submit now." For questions, please email or call 978-764-4300. Welcome aboard the Love Bus! 

*Remember: if you clicked the "Submit Now" button above and your page did not redirect to a confirmation page or you did not receive a confirmation email, your application has not been submitted. Please click the above button again; if it still does not work, please go to File > Print and change destination to "Save as PDF." This will allow you to save all of the entered information as a PDF; please email this PDF to (the formatting will look weird, but all of the information you entered should be saved).


Below you will find downloadable versions of our full application. Once completed, please submit in one of the following ways:

Email to:
Fax to: 
(978) 517-1567

Mail to:
Lucy's Love Bus (Attn: Beecher)
PO Box 464
Amesbury, MA 01913

We will be in touch once we receive your application to welcome you aboard the Love Bus!

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